About us


HYDROGEN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING is an engineering company formed to develop and manage #DigitalEurope and #EuropeanGreenDeal projects, promoting the formation of international and interdisciplinary partnerships in these areas. 

The main value we offer to our partners – academic research centers, universities, central and local authorities, industrial enterprises and public associations – is the integration with European partners in such projects, based on platforms and technologies Industry 4.0, as well as tools and methodologies set out on the specialized platforms of the European Commission. 

The group of companies also includes a training center – “PM Group Academy”, which, among other things, carries out the methodology of project management PM² – the official methodology of EU project management. 

We are located in Kyiv and Mykolayiv. We plan to open offices in the Carpathian region and the Danube region. We have strong connections in the international engineering community.